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VirtualBox Guest Additions | SuSE Install

10 Jul

VirtualBox (now Sun xVM) Guest Additions are a set of drivers and utilities that are shipped as a subset of VirtualBox for the purpose of being installed inside a Guest Computer to improve its performance and cooperation with the rest of the Product.

If you are running openSUSE as a guest OS and want to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions then follow the procedure below:
Install GNU C Compiler, Make and Kernel Source
The VirtualBox Guest Additions require the GNU C compiler, make utility and the Kernel-Source packages to be installed if not previously installed.

Switch user to Root and install the packages

user@opensuse:~> su -


opensuse:~# yast2 –install gcc gcc-c++ make kernel-source

This installs the GNU C, C++ compilers, Kernel-Source package and the make utility.

Now, from the host OS, on the Guest OS Virtualbox Devices menu, click “Install Guest Additions…” this mounts a virtual CD volume on the openSUSE guest OS under


here it is


Change directory to that window and run the install script

opensuse:~# cd /media/cdrom/VBOXADDITIONS_1.6.2_31466/

opensuse:~# ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run all

This should install the VirtualBox Guest Additions. Now restart the openSUSE guest OS for the additions to take effect. The Guest Additions improve guest performance and user experience including display settings etc.